Autistic Voices

Evalynne Charmer - Autistic Voices

Dive into the dynamic realm of autism and neurodiversity with me, Evalynne Charmer, host of the ’Autistic Voices’ podcast. As the founder of Ed Elf Child Therapy, an award-winning online therapy platform, I’m passionate about shedding light on the beautifully complex autistic experience. Join me for intimate, eye-opening conversations with autistic individuals and those who are neurodivergent. Together, we’ll uncover extraordinary perspectives often overlooked in our society. Each episode aims to deepen your understanding, challenge assumptions, and build an empathetic, inclusive community around autism. In ’Autistic Voices,’ we explore the rich tapestry of neurodiversity, offering you a nuanced appreciation for our diverse world. Beyond captivating stories, expect profound insights that will expand your empathy and contribute to reshaping societal perceptions of autism. Embark on this transformative journey with us. Download episodes of ’Autistic Voices’ today to access remarkable tales and powerful wisdom directly from our neurodivergent community. It’s time to redefine autism - be part of this evolution and let’s rethink autism together! read less