WTR Entrepreneur Interview: Tony Salloum, VAC Motorsports, Success Blueprint

Wealth Tactic Rebels

May 19 2019 • 28 mins

WTR knows a great way to rebel against the what’s expected with a regular 9-5 job, is to become your own boss. Enter, the entrepreneur. Tony Salloum, President and founder of http://www.vacmotorsports.com/ (VAC Motorsports) in Philadelphia, has done just that for 35 years. Follow Tony’s story as he talks about his passions and gives his blueprint for success. Tony Salloum tony@vacmotorsports.com http://www.vacmotorsports.com/ (VAC Motorsports) 1-(215) 462-4666 https://goo.gl/maps/Jd2UsnvzcBt44TtC8 (2501 Snyder Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19145) https://www.facebook.com/vacmotorsports/ (VAC Facebook) https://www.instagram.com/vacmotorsports/ (VAC Instagram) Read Full Transcript Transcript [0:00] Wealth tactic Rebels. Ingenious tactics to accumulate wealth. For people who see things differently. [0:18] Welcome to another discussion Wealth Tactic Rebels. The podcast for people who see things differently. I'm your host, Kevin Dumont, and I've been thinking differently in the wealth field for well over 10 years now. Today I'm joined by a guest, Tony. Hi Tony. How are you? Good, Good. How are you Kev? Doing wonderful, having, having you you. Wonderful having you too. Wonderful being with you, on this podcast. Fantastic Tony, we love having you here, it's good times. This is not commonplace I would I would believe for my industry. At least not in the wealth building industry. Perhaps not, but Tony is an entrepreneur, and the wealth building industry, well, entrepreneurs love to build wealth. I think that's a rather fitting tale. a lot of people start their lives with a job and a career, and they think that's the path they're going to go down. They might find out later that they want something more out of life. They want to make their own job, career, path; become an entrepreneur, have their own business, Tony is with VAC Motorsports. The founder of that. VAC has been around for 35 years this year. He's done quite well with that. [1:37] And like many people he started, well as a regular job, and eventually found out that he wanted something more. There was some other bug that was biting him that he had to, he had to scratch that itch. Yah, yah. It's true you know from when I was a little kid, my dad had a repair shop and he would take me to the repair shop at the age of eight really I started going. Started tinkering with cars. [2:03] We're talking in the early 70s, everything used to be repaired not like today's industry where you know it's just a lot of parts swapping so, engines used to be rebuilt alternators used to be rebuilt, shortly after my dad hurt his back and then decided that they didn't want to be in the automotive industry and then he had a thing for you know the kitchen as well so Middle Eastern cuisine called saloons Middle Eastern cuisine. [2:38] In South Philadelphia. Well that took me out of my element. I did continue to work on cars because cars were my passion even at the age of 13 14 I would crawl under the cars on the streets of South Philadelphia, Oldsmobiles in Fords and Chevys and so forth and you know they used to have a lot of well pump failures back in the day it was commonplace for me to drop in oil pan on one of those big American beats in the Streets 2 pump replacement, distributor repairs and so forth so that's kind of you know how far back it goes, interesting story that will lead the way into the BMW Marketplace for me, when I was in 6th grade I went to school called Masterman, Julia R Masterman, which is actually probably the number one rated School currently in the city of Philadelphia. [3:35] And we used to learn everything in that school, from home economics to printing class and so forth. So back then we used to do typesetting, And typesetting, for those that don't know, it's actually when you know magazines and newspapers were printed you just have to do typesetting used to take the, the different fonts and have to set them you know as mechanical characters basically...

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