Rodrigo Liang: The World of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here


Feb 14 2022 • 35 mins

Rodrigo Liang, CEO and co-founder of one of the most well funded AI start-ups – SambaNova Systems – talks about the rapid transition to the AI world, the parallels of this transition with the internet era, and the industries that are already witnessing disruptions through AI. Rodrigo discusses the fundamental shift required in the hardware architecture and the merits of a software-first approach optimized for data workflows.

With their recent success and limelight in the AI world, Rodrigo and the SambaNova team are continuing this exciting journey as a trusted advisor to enterprises looking to accelerate their AI deployments.

Where is AI in its development curve right now?  Why has data overtaken operations as the driver of AI software and hardware? How do enterprises think and approach at-scale AI adoption? Tune in for an insightful conversation with a leader in this exploding field.

Discussion Points

  • Transition from pre- to post-AI world
  • Parallels of the transition with the then burgeoning internet era
  • Industries that will be first in making AI a mainstream part of their business
  • Use cases of AI across financial, healthcare, and retail sectors
  • The state of hardware development in AI
  • SambaNova’s journey to become one of the best funded AI companies
  • Data as the design point for development – not systems and operations
  • SambaNova’s software-first approach, and then letting that dictate the hardware
  • Behind the scenes developments in AI
  • SambaNova as a trusted advisor to enterprises with limited resources to adopt AI at scale

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