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The RISE Traveler podcast features eco-minded and socially conscious travelers, diversity and inclusion specialists, wildlife conservationists, environmental activists and anyone using travel as a way to uplift and inspire. In each episode, we will go a step beyond the “Instagram ready” world of travel, and take a look at how travel can be a source of growth and development for all people and all communities. This podcast is an extension of the RISE Travel Institute. A 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to empowering young travelers through educational programs, research, study tours and scholarships. Visit to learn more. read less

Knowing Names, Building Bonds: Jabulile Ngwenya on Meaningful Travel
Aug 21 2023
Knowing Names, Building Bonds: Jabulile Ngwenya on Meaningful Travel
Jabulile Ngwenya is a travel coach and advocate for sustainable and responsible travel at Travel Africa with Jabu. With a vision to reshape perceptions of travel to Africa, Jabulile's impactful work is rooted in changing the narrative. In her RISE Flagship Course Capstone Project, she focused on tribal photography, aiming to bring attention to the profound identities behind the subjects. She firmly believes that every individual carries a story and a name, urging us to see beyond the surface.In a conversation hosted by Amy Hager, Jabulile delves into the essence of travel as an avenue of abundance. She underscores the significance of understanding the lives of the people we encounter on our journeys, stressing that they are more than just extras in our personal narratives. Her insights illuminate the transformative power of travel, as it expands horizons and challenges our perspectives.Jabulile's perspective on the world is a testament to her belief that there's always more to explore, learn, and experience. In a moment where all we may have is a screenshot of our current reality, travel serves as a reminder of the boundless opportunities and connections awaiting us. This interview is an invitation to venture beyond our assumptions and engage with the richness of the world through meaningful interactions.Host: Amy Hager - Social Media Manager at The RISE Travel InstituteVideo and Audio Editing: Kate Mulvihill - Video and Podcast Producer at The RISE Travel InstituteGraphic Design: Shirley Wong - Freelance Art DirectorMusic: On My Way by Kevin MacLeod (License)