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rerun: talks with Tim Riley about the Beatles bibliography, 2008
Dec 30 2022
rerun: talks with Tim Riley about the Beatles bibliography, 2008
The latest rockcritics podcast features Tim Riley, author of one of my favourite Beatle books, Tell Me Why: The Beatles: Album by Album, Song by Song, the Sixties and After. A couple weeks prior to our chatting, I asked Tim — currently completing a large-scale John Lennon biography — to submit a list of some of his favourite Beatle books, and it’s that list which forms the basis of our conversation. We delve into more than a dozen titles here, including a few obscurities, a few ancillary titles (Aesthetics of Rock, Peter Doggett’s There’s a Riot Goin’ On) plus, of course, Tell Me Why, which, among other things, is notable for its annotated (in-need-of-an-update!) Beatles bibliography.Big thanks to Tim for taking time out to do this (and for putting up with my usual nonsense and semi-competence).Titles discussed:Ian MacDonald, Revolution in the HeadMark Lewisohn, The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions **+ **The Complete Beatles ChronicleDevin McKinney, Magic CirclesJohn Lennon, In His Own Write and Spaniard in the WorksBob Dylan, TarantulaAllan Kozinn, The BeatlesWilfid Mellers, Twilight of the GodsPeter Doggett, Art and Music of John Lennon + There’s a Riot Goin’ OnRingo Starr, Postcards From the BoysChris Salewicz, McCartneyJim O’Donnell, Day John Met PaulBeatles, AnthologyMichael Braun, Love Me DoRichard Meltzer, The Aesthetics of RockMusical interludes (in order of appearance) by: Al Green, David Hillyard & the Rocksteady Seven, DJ Dangermouse, Bongwater, Peter Sellers, Irvin’s 89 Key Marenghi Fairground Organ, unknown house artist (“Revolution”), Rainer, Sunshine Company, First Moog Quartet, Los Fernandos, Cristina, Candy Flip, Bryan Ferry, P.M. Dawn, Sunshine Company (redux).