Product Planning, Top Metrics to Track, & Working with Engineering (with Greg Montalvo, InMar, Deutsche Bank, Veritas Software)

The Product Management Leaders Podcast

Jul 12 2021 • 45 mins

Hi all, we are happy to present the first episode of "The Product Management Leaders Podcast"!

Our aim with this podcast is to connect you with some of the top PM leaders and share their real-world strategies and tactics for building world-class products with you.

In today's episode, Grant Duncan speaks with Greg Montalvo, the Director of Product Management at Inmar, a 5,000+ person company. Greg has previously worked at Deutsche Bank, Veritas Software, and others. He’s been a software engineer in the past, and even has an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua school of business. So he has a lot of great insights to share with you.

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