Ep.69: Share the Love, Artists Supporting Artists

The Nourished Actor Podcast

Sep 10 2020 • 39 mins

In this episode, Dionna talks about circulating resources and sharing the love by shouting out and sharing other small businesses.
Love Lola Knits- @lovelolaknitswww.lovelolaknits.com
Love Drunk Life- Episode 29
Tandy Gutierrez- Unicorn Wellness Studio
@unicornwellnessstudio www.unicornwellnessstudio.com
Tilita Lutterloh- High Performance Health Coach
Jeanna Gillespie-
Justina Ercole- Episode 23
Megan Krause- Episode 43
Noelle Diane Johnson- Episode 12 and 63
Kristina Wingeier-
Emma Treharne-
Brianna Firestone-
Katie Bider Coaching
Jeremy Ohringer-
Derek R Herman-
Episode 8
And Arts- Jacqueline Wills
Problem Solved By Jenna Leigh Miller-
@problemsolvedbyjenna www.problemsolvedbyjenna.com
The Joyful Actor- Alison Grishow
The Nourished Actor- Dionna Eshleman (me!) Episode 1 and 32
@thenourishedactorhttps://mailchi.mp/e30d97c99fad/thenourishedactor Rate/Review!

Music by Kevin Macleod!