Work Songs

Matt Johnson

For as long as we've had language, we've had songs for the work we do. Whether it's sea shanties, field songs, or industrial hymns, work songs helped our ancestors fight boredom, find meaning, build connections, and survive. But modern work has no song. We let the music die, and we did it when we needed it the most. And that's what this podcast is all about. This is a collection of stories about work that we cannot let die. Stories that could be our songs.

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Nov 8 2020
6 mins
IntroductionOur Greatest ExpectationsThe Impossible DreamsThe White Whale and Rituals We LostThe Letter That Went Around the WorldLost Songs and PolaroidsRoad Trip RevelationsMeeting in the DeepThe Give and Take of the Gilded AgeThe Struggle and SparkA Candle or a CurseThe Mill Mother’s LamentDreams in the Dark MansionWhen the Mask Becomes Your FaceThe Conflicts That KillLessons From a Miner CelebrityRevolution in the AirThe Promises We KeepA New Rite of SpringThe Smell of Cedar in the Air