Ep.141: Passive Income From Real Estate: How To Make Money Work For You With Lane Kawaoka

The Leadership Stack Podcast

Feb 16 2021 • 21 mins

Sean: All of these things, you're pretty much doing it by yourself. Don't have a partner started by yourself. What is it going to be your end game? I'm assuming you're kind of semi-retired right now, is that right?

Lane: Yeah, sort of, I guess. I'm still working my ass off, right? No, I have, I have partners. I mean, definitely have partners. We dont this all alone, right? Endgame, I mean, I like, I like to educate through my education platform, to learn these types of secrets of the wealthy that I never had access to when I grew up.

There's a lot of hardworking Americans out there and, you know, in all countries, right? There's hard working people out there that they went to college. They studied hard. They get a good professional job yet they find themselves, the only option is to invest in some kind of 401k or government sponsored land. That just suck.

I realized this when I bought a rental property, a simple rental property, wasn't the best one. It was my first and I realized I made 20 to 30% return on my money. And then I looked over at my 401k that I was supposedly supposed to, put my - all my money into, and that was only making maybe 8% what they say.

And I'm like, what the heck? Why is this making like four or five times as much as this? Like, it doesn't make any sense to me, you know. What happened to all my money? Eventually, I figure it out what it was, right? It's you know, the world is kind of built on corporatocracies, where they kind of make money off the mass.

Sean: Got it. And if you guys, if you listeners are wondering, what's 401k, it's like SSS, here in the Philippines where you place your money there and you're promised like a retirement or pension fund by the government, you guys know how that's working out right now with the pandemic.

Lane: You know, figure out what you can do if you invest in it or make your own business and what does that give you, right? Numbers don't lie.

Sean: You look like a guy who looks at numbers and just your shoot - straight shooter. And you're an engineer. You know, a lot of people just don't put in the hard work of looking at the numbers and competing like your, what you mentioned a 1% purchase to rental revenue ratio.

Now I'm going to be talking about your secrets of the wealthy. You mentioned secrets of the wealthy earlier. I know you have an entire program for this. I'm not going to like ask you a lot about it, but if you could indulge us a short summary. Of course, you're not going to give everything away. You don't have to, but just a short summary.

What are the secrets of the wealthy?

Lane: Yeah, I mean, it's counterintuitive things like not buying your house to live in, don't invest in the retail financial products and things that you're captive in a retirement plan, and investing in things that make sense that you cashflow. You also combine different tax and legal strategies there too, but ultimately, it's building your network with other high paid, high network investors.

Most of us in our group are doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants. We kind of stick together in an investing tribe. Yeah. I think I would urge everybody to do that. Find yourself people who are interested in the stuff and on the trajectory upward.

Sean: I'm wondering about that tribe. Are those people from all over the world or just there in the U S where you can meet physically?

Lane: Mostly in the U S and Canada at this point. I don't speak, I don't know how to speak any other language. Principles are very similar anywhere you go. Save at least 10% of how much you make and put it to stuff that makes you more money. Don't buy stupid stuff.