I Survived Special Education: Not A Joke

David Potter (notajoke.net)

Is it equal for Special Education Students? … Special education from the student point of view. I was in special education in elementary school and middle school, and experienced the consequences of it in high school and beyond. … I'm David Potter. I Survived Special Education: Not A Joke. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/notajoke/support

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Trailer Season 2. Is it equal for Special Education Students? Is it equal for disabled adults? Is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act working as intended? It it preparing disabled students for further education, employment and independent living? Transition Services are offered to special education students at age 16 to prepare for life after high school. Those who are not in special education have the same opportunities as nondisabled students. What do they face? Poverty Guideline is used to determine eligibility for Federal government programs, and many disabled people live below the poverty line because of government assistance and discrimination. Unequal Pay may be fixed with the Raise the Wage Act of 2021. Subminimum Wage is based on productivity of the disabled compared to the nondisabled, who are paid based on prevailing wages for hourly jobs. Supplemental Security Income is for the disabled and those 65 and older. It is a poverty trap for those who haven't started careers, receiving a small Monthly Amount, with a strict Resource Limit and a few Income Exclusions, where all income isn't counted towards the limit.. Civil Rights are violated regularly. Guardianship is a major civil rights violation. Rehabilitation Services is Special Education for job seekers. Survivors Benefits is slightly better, financially, than SSI after a family member dies. Because of this, the disabled, especially those with developmental and lifelong disabilities have in the United States of America, Inferior Status. What does the law say? What needs to change in the law? How does this law impact my life? Podcast season 2 premieres January 3, 2022. I'm David Potter. I Survived Special Education: Not A Joke. http://www.notajoke.net/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/notajoke/support
Dec 21 2021
1 min
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