Ep. 6-David Smith: Sure! I Can Do That!

Community TrailBlazers

Jan 19 2020 • 39 mins

David is a self-taught pioneer in affordable housing, building two successful companies including the Affordable Housing Institute which has worked in over 65 countries, with partners including World Bank, USAID, the Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. His financing of housing in India and many other countries has provided stability and quality in the home, providing women with home-businesses with disposible income to make a better life for their families. His answer to any affordable housing question is, "Sure! I can do that!"
He feels we need to create value in the sky. His vision of changes needed for the future to supply affordable housing include transportation, more highrises in urban areas, zoning and infrastructure. As the family composition changes and technology revolutionizes home construction and home use, the physical and financial structure of housing needs to change.