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Episode 29: Building a Community Pool (of Electrified Houses)

Everybody in the Pool

Dec 14 2023 • 30 mins

This week on Everybody in the Pool, we are once again thinking big when it comes to the energy transition. If last week was about electrifying whole fleets of cars, this week is about electrifying entire towns! Dan Bridleman of KB Home and Matt Brost of Sunpower join Molly to talk about how they’ve teamed up on a big experiment in southern California: a planned community of more than 200 net zero homes, all-electric, with smart thermostats and plugs and energy meters, with solar and whole-home batteries, that will also be connected with a community battery and a microgrid that will send power back to the utility to help keep the lights on when needed and give power back to the utility when they need it. Cool, right? Let’s move there!


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