Episode 33: Noelle & We (Try to) Keep it G-Rated

It Can’t Be That Bad

Dec 6 2019 • 35 mins

The Boys watch their first Christmas movie of the season, Noelle (2019), starring Anna Kendrick, Bill Hader, Billy Eichner, and Shirley MacLaine. This movie is a Disney+ exclusive so you can tell that this podcast is going well since we have Disney+ already. This flick was rated G, so this episode will be rated G… for a little while at least. For a Dollar, Christian tells us about the show “Billy on the Street” because WHY WOULDN’T HE! Alejandro talks about the sad parts of being a Santa-for-hire. And if that wasn’t enough Alejandro also challenges the Baddies to fact check him on some outlandish names, Hugh Mungo Grant and Steveland are celebrities that are way more famous than their names imply.