Shattered to Unbreakable: The Reclaim Podcast

Jan 17 2023 • 24 mins

Over 40 MILLION adults in the U.S. alone suffer from anxiety… and less than half of them are receiving treatment.

Is it because treatment isn’t working?

Do  you suffer from anxiety but you don’t want to take meds, are afraid to  ask for help, or can’t afford to keep going to talk-therapy that just  isn’t working?

I was experiencing crippling  anxiety that was disrupting my career, my relationships, my parenting  and my memory. Talk therapy wasn’t relieving my physical symptoms of  anxiety. EMDR wasn’t working either. And I didn’t want to take  medication.

I was convinced I might have to live this way for the rest of my life and it terrified me…

Until I discovered Brainspotting.

Today I am going to share with you what my personal experience with brainspotting looked like, the history of the practice, and what it could look like for you.


Hear from one of my clients about the success she has had with overcoming indecisiveness thanks to ONE brainspotting session.

When you're ready, I can't wait to schedule your brainspotting session to help you heal for real.

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