"Not Even Fair" | 'Listen To Your Heart' S1 E5

Rosecast | 'Bachelor' Recaps with Rim and AB

May 13 2020 • 1 hr 10 mins

Having conquered all every notable Hollywood venue, our remaining couples hit the road for Las Vegas, where each of them apparently felt obligated to tell their partner they were falling in love. Plus: Bachelor producers decided they couldn't hide it any longer and finally unleashed "Shallow"...and it did not disappoint.


1:30 Couples reset

3:00 Chris shakes things up

4:30 Extended discussion about tour buses

9:00 On the road

14:30 Bri and Chris date

16:00 At the hotel

18:30 Jamie and Trevor date

24:00 Rudi and Matt date

31:30 Natascha and Ryan date

32:30 Back at the hotel

35:00 Judges this week/Train songs power rankings

44:00 Bri and Chris performance

46:00 Jamie and Trevor performance

47:30 Natascha and Ryan performance

54:00 Rudi and Matt performance

59:00 Rose Ceremony

1:03:00 Mailbag

1:09:00 AB's Bachelor Headline of the Week

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