Uncovering Buried Treasure: Finding Hidden or Missed Assets in Divorce with Financial Professional, Olivia Summerhill on Divorce & Beyond #259

The Divorce and Beyond Podcast with Susan Guthrie, Esq.

Sep 19 2022 • 50 mins

Top financial expert Olivia Summerhill joins Susan Guthrie, Esq, on The Divorce & Beyond podcast. Together they discuss how to dig up the “buried treasure” of divorce and find those hidden or forgotten assets!  This is the episode that will pay you back for listening!

Many people have items in their homes that are taken for granted. When was the last time you took an inventory of what you own?  There might be items you never considered that end up being marital assets.

Financial expert Olivia Summerhill returns to the podcast to share insight, information, and tips on how to search for the buried treasure of divorce. She invites you to hop on board her treasure-hunting boat and cruise the shoreline (and beyond) to find not only hidden assets but assets that may have been overlooked or forgotten.

Susan and Olivia also discuss why you should disclose all assets and liabilities before and during divorce, and explore how working with a professional divorce team can help you find valuable items sitting around or in plain sight.

Olivia Summerhill, CFP, CDFA, CMC founded a financial consulting firm dedicated to helping women maintain their lifestyles and thrive post-divorce by educating and empowering them financially.   Although Olivia's niche is celebrity and ultra-high net worth clients, she works with clients in diverse financial situations through her extensive pro bono work.

Some of the Golden Nuggets from Olivia include:

  • Forgotten or hidden assets are usually right in front of you! Take photos around your house to jog your memory of what you have or were given
  • Easily forgotten assets can include IRAs, season sport event tickets, gift cards, and even airline miles!
  • Why you should know if there is equity in your home
  • Today, there is more opportunity to hide assets AND more resources to help you find them
  • What to know about cryptocurrency as a possible hidden asset
  • Trust your “Spidey” sense! You know more than you think you do.
  • What you need to know and consider about bank accounts for your children
  • Be aware! Who may be involved in actively hiding assets
  • Why you want to disclose all assets before and during divorce

This is an episode you’ll want to listen to more than once. Tune in to hear valuable information about how to uncover easily forgotten or hidden assets!

About this week's special guests: Olivia Summerhill

Olivia Summerhill is the founder of a financial consulting company called The Summerhill Firm. She helps affluent women maintain their lifestyles and thrive post-divorce by educating and empowering them financially.

Her niche serves famous and high-profile women who need help navigating the financial complexities of divorce. Having a decade of experience in wealth management and private banking, Olivia dedicates her time to protecting women. She consults with financial advisors and works with their clients to help them avoid divorce mistakes.

Among numerous other designations in finance, Olivia is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Certified Divorce Specialist, and Certified Money Coach.

Olivia is often highlighted in Forbes, US News, MSN, and other media. She hosts a money coaching podcast called 'Divorce for Wealthy Women.' And currently, she is training for an Ironman to raise money for a non-profit that helps women take control of their finances.

*** GET Olivia’s Buried Treasure: Hidden and Forgotten Assets Worksheet! ***

Website: https://www.summerhillfirm.com/ Divorce for Wealthy Women Podcast: https://www.summerhillfirm.com/resources/


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