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The Power of Enneagram Retreats
May 30 2024
The Power of Enneagram Retreats
In this episode, Milton speaks with Amy McCabe, an Enneagram coach, pastor, spiritual director and retreat leader, about Enneagram retreats. Amy discusses the impact of Enneagram retreats for individuals seeking deeper growth and self-awareness and the opportunities it provides for building connections with fellow attendees by fostering a safe community and environment for vulnerability. She shares how these retreats have personally benefited her and impacted her growth journey as well as preview her upcoming Enneagram retreat in Florence, Italy.Milton's Links and Handles:Join KCEP Program: B.I.G. Enneagram Retreat: 2024:'s Website: KaizenCareers.comConnect with Amy: mccabecoaching.comEmail: mccabecoaching@icloud.comFollow @enneagramtravelclubUnstuck in Italy Retreat: code for the audience: MILTONCoupon code gives $50 OFF ticket + 1 complimentary 90 minute spa package ($160 value) if booked through June 30 as part of our special early bird pricing.Book under the special early bird discount and save an additional $1,000 before prices increase or spots sell out. We have set the maximum participants to 12 guests for an intimate and deep experience.Mentioned in this learn more and join us, go to