International Alumni in Action: Conversations about Service, Innovation, and Impact — Part 1

NAFSA's International Educator

Apr 13 2022 • 21 mins

This month on the International Educator podcast is a two-part episode featuring conversations with contributors to NAFSA’s recent book, Engaging International Alumni as Strategic Partners, and other experts on this topic.

In Part 1 of the episode, Gretchen Dobson, who is one of the co-authors of the book, talks with Serge Sych from Central European University about partnering with international alumni to advance marketing, branding, and student recruitment goals. Their conversation covers:

  • why institutions should leverage alumni in brand-building efforts and how to build a program to do so;
  • successful tactics to engage alumni;
  • the keys to creating a sustainable recruitment strategy;
  • where to begin when starting from scratch; and
  • a few do’s and don’t’s Serge has learned along the way.

Stay tuned for Part 2, a conversation about transformational philanthropy with Maria Gallo and Kevin Fleming.

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