It's Lit But Is It Funny?


This is a podcast where we’re going to take a critical look at one of the most neglected genres in literature: the funny book. In each episode I’m going to invite a fellow writer to pick a favourite example and tell me what makes it work for them.
Karen Jones on One Fine Day In The Middle Of The NightJane Lovering on Northanger AbbeyScott Pack on The Wise Men of SchildaImran Ahmad on The Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the GalaxyIan Moore on Aunts Aren‘t GentlemenDan Brotzel on Who Moved My Blackberry™?Gabby Hutchinson Crouch on The Family PackPolly Hall on Me Talk Pretty One DayChris Fielden on MortLucy Flannery on The Eyre AffairAndy Miller on Last Chance to SeeNeil Laurenson on Starter for TenPaul Flower on Catch-22Katy Darby on How Not to Write a NovelChris McCrudden on Emotionally WeirdAbbie Headon on Cold Comfort FarmLev Parikian on HeartburnIsabel Rogers on 1066 And All ThatToby Frost on Lucky JimAll about "It's Lit But Is It Funny?"