Episode 200: Labor Hoarding, Tech Workforce 2023, We Got the Digital Workplace Wrong

The Killing IT Podcast

Jan 24 2023 • 31 mins

Topic 1: Small companies are “labor hoarding” while large companies are laying off.



Keeping employees at any cost!

Topic 2: Understanding the Dynamics of the Tech Workforce in 2023

Data Point 1: Tech Layoffs are Happening … But Not Because Tech is Suddenly Less Valuable


Data Point 2: Tech Jobs are Less Attractive to Young Professionals

Data Point 3: Shifting Preference for Generalists vs. Specialists … Plus a Mainstream Rise of “Business IT” Contributors


Amazon layoffs delivered by email. ← Low class or just modern times?

Topic 3: Cal Newport on the Digital Workplace: We got it wrong

Too much distraction. In fact, ALL distraction, all the time.

Primary thesis = We rarely get things right the first time. But we treat technology as if we do.


See also https://www.calnewport.com/books/deep-work/

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