A View From The Bench with Judge Michael Casale & Judge Marie Lihotz

Heartbreak & Hope with Pat Barbarito

Apr 27 2022 • 40 mins

Worried about facing the stern-faced, black-robed presiding judge who is overseeing the end of your marriage? Don’t be! Host Pat Barbarito welcomes The Honorable Michael Casale and The Honorable Marie Lihotz and leads the duo through a candid conversation with anecdotes that help demystify the judge’s role and responsibilities in divorce court.

Highlights include:

  • What to expect during a typical first day in divorce court;
  • How your courtroom presence impacts the judge’s impression of the facts;
  • Understanding emotional paralysis and disparity between the parties involved in the divorce;
  • The scope of power judges wield in civil court and whether that includes jail time;
  • Factoring in ‘fault’ and why it doesn’t really change the allocation of assets;
  • How detailed orders are used to control unhelpful (but not quiiiiite illegal) behaviors that unnecessarily complicate divorce proceedings;
  • How judges prioritize the many considerations of a divorce – child safety, parenting time, finances, assets, etc.;
  • Knowing your alternative dispute resolution options and why those may provide a better result than a trial.

BONUS: Features an in-depth discussion regarding the case for open dialogue with children about the reasons for the divorce and how to approach those conversations without demeaning the other party.

NOTE: Additional resources for those divorcing in New Jersey can be found atParent Link.