What I've Learned So Far with Pat Barbarito

Heartbreak & Hope with Pat Barbarito

May 11 2022 • 22 mins

Host Pat Barbarito reflects on the first season of Heartbreak & Hope and offers insight into what she learned from her conversation with each guest. From eradicating the shame of divorce or the taboo of talking about money to embracing science and technology to improve the longevity of relationships, Pat reveals just how valuable open communication can be in helping everyone feel less alone – and more hopeful – while on their healing journey.

Highlights include:

  • How Pat now defines the ultimate relationship;
  • Why Pat believes that preparing a “partnership roadmap” puts self-respect at the center of any romance without taking away from the magic;
  • Pat’s admission that the “money talk” can be more difficult and more intimate than the “sex talk”, but avoiding financial disaster is worth the discomfort; and
  • How embracing a strategic approach to dating apps has made online dating less intimidating and more enjoyable for Pat (and so many others!).