Your Space Journey

SpaceTech Corporation

A podcast series on the future of Space Exploration and the incredible Leaders who are taking us there
SpaceX Crew-3: Interview with Pilot Dr. Thomas MarshburnCOLONIES IN SPACE – The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O’NeillWant a Career in Space? Interview with space career coach Laura Seward ForczykKubos: Moving space to the cloudSPACE ROBOTS: Interview with Rogue Space Systems CEO Jeromy GrimmettIs There Alien Life In Our Solar System? Europa Might Hold the Key | Interview w/ David W BrownSpaceX Crew-2: ESA Tames the Dragon, Thomas Pesquet Interview, and More31. Planetary Scientist Alan Stern Heading to Space Aboard Virgin Galactic30. OSIRIS-REx Asteroid “Smash & Grab” – Mission Update29. Water Discovered on Sunlit Surface of the Moon – Lunar Geologist Sarah Noble28. SpaceX Crew-1: Interview with Commander Mike Hopkins27. NASA Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN)26. Atlas of Solar Eclipses: 2020 to 204525. Canadian Space Agency: Lunar Gateway & Canadarm324. ESA – Solar Orbiter, ExoMars & more23. The Summer of Mars: Perseverance & Ingenuity22. JAXA – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency with Dr. Koichi Wakata21. Emirates Mars Mission – Hope Probe to study Martian atmosphere20. Introducing Pakistan’s first Private Space Company19. Mars Helicopter INGENUITY | Bob Balaram Interview (Chief Engineer)