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Chase Robbins | Founder of Handle Delivery & USC Student
Jan 10 2024
Chase Robbins | Founder of Handle Delivery & USC Student
This episode features Chase Robbins, a student founder and entrepreneur, who is the creator of Handle Delivery, a snack delivery business for students. Robbins shares his unique entrepreneurial journey, how he balanced his roles as a student and founder, his experience of paying his own seed capital, and the benefits and challenges he faced. As a founder, he discusses pivotal moments, including parking outside a 7-11 to test their inventory delivery system, and enduring rough neighborhood scenarios. Robbins emphasizes the importance of aligning your goalposts with something you have control over and preparing for potential failure. Chase also shares his perspective on venture capital and the importance of managing your expectations. 00:46 Meet the Guest: Chase Robbins, Founder of Handle Delivery 01:04 Chase's Entrepreneurial Journey: From Idea to Execution 01:35 Chase's Origin Story: Founding a Company as a Freshman 03:27 Balancing Act: Being a Student and a Founder 05:38 The Role of Universities in Entrepreneurial Journeys 07:17 The Challenges and Rewards of Founding a Company in College 09:25 The Importance of Networking and Leveraging Student Status 13:54 The Journey from Zero to One: Starting a Business 20:24 The Ups and Downs of Being a College Founder 25:15 Final Advice for Aspiring Student Entrepreneurs Connect with Madi on LinkedIn Check out Mount! Connect with Chase on LinkedIn Check out Handle Delivery