Bonus: Begin Again from the Very Beginning

Learning How to See with Brian McLaren

Aug 16 2021 • 40 mins

On this bonus episode, Brian, Gigi, Mike and Paul conclude the season in their reflections on the dynamics of suffering and the art of beginning again in order to learn how to see. The prayers/intentions used in this season can be found here at the following links, depending on where you listen to podcasts: Apple | Spotify | RadioPublic | Stitcher Resources: The transcript for this episode can be found here. Brian's e-book: Why Don't They Get It? Song: Bruce Colburn - "Us All" (Youtube) Connect with us: We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments or feedback. Send us an email at Center for Action and Contemplation: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Brian McLaren: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter This podcast is made possible, thanks to the generosity of our donors. If you would love to support the ongoing work of the Center for Action and Contemplation and the continued work of our podcasts, you can donate at Thank you!