Uncensored Advice For Men

Josh Wilson

From porn stars to pastors, we interview people from all walks of life seeking advice and wisdom for men on topics about sex, relationships, money, careers, mindset, health and fitness, and more. What defines masculinity?Being a man can be tough in today's age. It's okay to feel confused and dispirited sometimes. You are not alone. The Uncensored Advice For Men podcast is a testament to that statement. What makes a man? Join host Josh Wilson and our variety of guests to learn what it means to be a man through the eyes of others. This is hands down the best Podcast for men striving to come to terms with their own feelings and further understand themselves. How many podcasts out there really focus on the true nature of what it means to be a man? Dissecting, and disproving today's society's distorted view of what a man should be, This is a place for men seeking honest answers through open, vulnerable conversations with men and women. Our host Josh Wilson offers an open forum for honest conversations about what it means to be a man today. Josh has interviewed over 750 entrepreneurs and CEOs across eight podcast shows, reaching the top of the iTunes charts. He draws from his own experience as a former firefighter, entrepreneur, mentor, college instructor, real estate broker, father, and podcaster in order to help other men reach greater self-understanding on their own unique paths to the best versions of themselves. Here's a podcast for men's health that you can listen to to gain knowledge on every aspect of being a man. Need help with addiction? We've interviewed people who have been there. Need help with sex? We've talked to intimacy coaches about that. Need a parenting guide? Josh is a father of 3! Men have traditionally placed emphasis on appearing to be self-reliant and strong and so have been reluctant to reach out for help. This has resulted in a spike in the wrong direction for men's mental health. If you need some advice or perhaps you have gained wisdom the hard way and you want to share your story with other dudes, head over to www.uncensoredadviceformen.com to join in on the conversation.Here are some questions and topics that men have told us are important to them—and we cover all of these on the podcast.- Do Men Have Feelings?- How men handle breakups.- How do I get my confidence back?- How do I make more money?- What addiction is- How addiction works- How do I Overcome addiction?- How can I be a better father?- How not to be insecure?- How to be the best parent?- How to be a better husband?- How to sustain a relationship?- How can I express my feelings?- how to get over commitment issues?- how to deal with body image issues?- how to achieve financial freedom- relationship stability- How to last longer in bed?- How to lose weight?- How to get in shape?- Sexual expectations- Performance anxiety- Sexual dysfunction- How to get your sex drive back?- How to deal with different sex drives in a relationship?- How to prepare for fatherhood?- How can I be better at communicating?- How to be more reasonable?- How to be more appreciative?- Mental health and wellness- How to overcome depression- How to deal with aging?- How to build good habits- How to have great values?- How to have faith? (even when life is difficult)- How to respond to loss?- How to quit your job?- How To Become Resilient- How to be vulnerable?- How to get help?- How to take control of your life?- How to trust yourself?- Self-acceptance- How not to compare yourself to others?- How to face adversity- How to be kind to yourselfIf you would like to get some advice on these topics or perhaps come on the show and share your wisdom and advice with our audience of men—go to www.uncensoredadviseformen.com and connect with us there

Comfort is the Enemy with Scott BallardHow To Control Your Thoughts with Chris Heller
Earning his real estate license when he was just a sophomore in college, Chris Heller rose to become the leader of the largest real estate company in the world - and didn’t stop there.Early on, Heller was named Rookie of the Year in 1989 before becoming the top-producing agent in San Diego County and the No. 1 Keller Williams associate in North America. He has consistently set new records and standards across the industry for more than 30 years.His leadership philosophy and unmatched track record in real estate has provided a springboard for outstanding contribution across many sectors. Heller brings his knowledge and experience to a variety of leadership roles, including advisor, board member, investor, coach, and mentor.As Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs, Chris’ vision has shaped partner strategies and a cohesive structure between real estate professionals and OJO. His highly-respected expertise as the former CEO at Mellohome and former CEO at Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI) has helped him grow as an executive and create sustained success as a leader. All this while leading the Heller The Home Seller Real Estate Team, which has sold more than 100 homes a year for 30+ years.A growth expert, as President of KW Worldwide, Chris launched the company’s first regions outside of North America, resulting in record productivity and profitability. As CEO at KWRI, he led its transformation into the technology company and powerhouse company it is renowned for today.As CEO of mellohome, Chris is credited with setting the strategy, led cross-functional groups accountable for simpler and smarter consumer homebuying, financing, and improvement experiences. Under his leadership role, mellohome doubled its growth, while improving the experiential and product landscape for the homeownership industry.Innovative, ambitious, and results-orientated, Chris Heller is a positive and strategic thought leader whose expertise is sought on multiple platforms. He is a dynamic speaker who shares his proven leadership philosophy with audiences across the country. In his debut book, Dominant Thoughts, Heller shares his simple, yet powerful success strategies, and the mindset that helped unlock his impressive achievements as a leader in sales, productivity, prosperity, relationships, and happiness.A native of southern California, Heller remains at the top of his game by staying physically and mentally fit through daily exercise and reading. Heller has traveled extensively and makes the most out of family time with his wife and their four adult children.Support the show
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Hunting For Your True Self with Mike Van PeltImparting Values and Business Skills to Your Kids with Jordan Ostroff
Jordan Ostroff is a visionary entrepreneur, President of LegalEase Marketing, Managing Partner of Jordan Law Fl, Host of multiple facebook live show and the Chair of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida.From a young age, he knew that he wanted to be a lawyer - even when he had no idea what that meant. During college, he began competing in trial competitions across the country, where he was an award winning advocate for fictitious cases.After law school, he started his legal career as a Prosecutor for the State Attorney's Office. There he cut his teeth in the trenches and learned how to truly be a “real” lawyer.Today, he manages Jordan Law FL, a firm focused on personal injury and helping injured victims get the recoveries they deserve. His firm utilizes the latest technology and automation to provide top level legal work, with a low volume of cases but a high touch level of care and compassion. The son of a postal employee and a substitute teacher, he is the first lawyer in his family, and with no business experience his first few years of running a firm were incredibly difficult.He was consistently taken advantage of by other marketing companies, because he didn’t get it and didn’t know what to ask for or what to look for. Having been faced with the prospect of learning how to run a successful business or close his firm and file for bankruptcy, he choose the later. Now Jordan works 3 days a week, usually 20-25 hour each week.This new path culminated in Jordan starting LegalEase Marketing, a holistic lawyer focused fractional CMO company. Part full service marketing company, part consulting firm - Jordan shares all of the info that he wish he knew when he started his firm and focuses on helping other lawyers not make the 1,000,000s of mistakes he’s made. LegalEase prides itself on treating its clients the same way those lawyers treat their clients - they come first, they own their "file," no conflicts of interest, etc.Additionally, Jordan is the host of Exhibit A(ttorneys) a live show where he interviews lawyers and experts on how to build the best lawfirms and be happy as a lawyer. He also hosts The O Know Show, where he interviews people about the cool things going on in Central Florida, as well as the Chair of his local Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter a non-profit that pairs hundreds of underserved children with professionals who mentor them for most of their lives and help them achieve success.Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/uafm)
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From the Desert to Navy Seal with JP Bolwahnn
Former Navy S.E.A.L. turned Life and Fitness Coach. Unlock the healthiest, most productive, and highly effective man within you.his is my StoryAfter spending 13 years as a Navy SEAL and then venturing out into the civilian world, I found myself struggling to find balance as an entrepreneur and business owner.  My fitness, relationships, and or business were always struggling.     If you have found yourself here, there is a good chance that you have been struggling with something similar. Learning to "live your best life" isn't easy.  Especially when we let the daily grind of being a MAN get a hold of us.  I'm passionate about living as a highly effective man and helping other men do the same.Being highly effective begins with getting fit, being more productive, and learning strategies to become more powerful.  Maybe getting in shape has been an immense test of willpower, deprivation, and failure. You may have tried every diet under the sun, and maybe you have had a little success, but the weight you lost always manages to find its way back to you.I will teach you with precision how to eat and how to live a life that excites you and with less stress.  I have seen men who have been beating themselves up for years, transform their relationship with food, their schedules, and how they show up in the world.  I will help you unlock the highly effective man within you so that you can be healthy and live the life you always dreamed of. I’ve turned my transformation into an easy-to-follow coaching program that anyone can use to unlock the highly effective man within them and start enjoying life like never before.https://www.higherlevelcoaching.co/Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/uafm)
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Apr 21 2022
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"My mother trafficked me as payment for our rent...."From early childhood and young adulthood, I was sexually abused and exposed to involuntary domestic servitude. My mother trafficked me as payment for our rent. I felt mistrust, rejection, anger, shame, fear, and insecurity.Growing up I had one book the Bible. Feeling abandoned, the Bible revealed what love was supposed to look and feel like. God's word was my source of strength and hope. Through the grace and healing power of God, I have learned to trust God and share my story. What the enemy intended to use against me become the strength God used to empower me to become a voice of triumph. Despite all the obstacles placed in my path through my journey, my life is a testimony that God can take bag things and turn them around for his glory.In 2012, I founded Hop-4Freedom to help bring awareness and fight human trafficking. Once a source of shame, my story has become a powerful message of deliverance from suffering in this world. I use my passion to inspire and raise awareness of the plight of human suffering around the world.Sandra Shinwww.hope-4freedom.orgEmail:  hopeforfreedom92@gmail.comPhone: 904-552-4321My BioSandra Shin, Jamaican born, mom of three.Founder of Hope-4freedomSurvivor of human traffickingCertified at Baptist Health, Domestic Violence and Human TraffickingAmbassador-Shared Hope, an International Organization on Human Trafficking.1 (888) 373-7888National Human Trafficking HotlineSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/uafm)
Mar 2 2022
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