Dehaven Irby on the Bighomietoldmeshow

Bighomietoldme Show

Oct 26 2021 • 53 mins

De-Haven Irby is a onetime drug dealer and former friend of Jay-Z’s from Brooklyn’s Marcy Houses projects. He came out swinging against the emcee in a series of YouTube videos  accusing him of turning his back on the people who helped make him famous and exaggerating his gangster credentials. Jay fired back on the song “No Hook” from his album American Gangster: “Fuck De-Haven for cavin’, that’s why we don’t speak,” he raps. “Made men ain’t supposed to make statements. End of the story, I followed the code, cracked the safe. Other niggas ain’t in the game so they practice hate. Leave that boy Hov alone, why don’t ya.”