Buyer's Remorse and the Impact on Customer Satisfaction | Joey Coleman

The Global Xperience

May 15 2024 • 38 mins

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Episode Summary:

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of customer experience with renowned expert Joey Coleman. From unraveling the mysteries behind buyer's remorse to exploring the nuances of global customer service, this episode is packed with insights to transform your approach to customer interactions. Joey Coleman is a customer experience expert, speaker, and author of the bestselling books "Never Lose a Customer Again" and "Never Lose an Employee Again." With a wealth of experience spanning numerous industries and countries, Joey brings a unique perspective to the world of customer service and retention.

Key Highlights:

  1. Understanding the science behind buyer's remorse and its impact on customer satisfaction.
  2. Exploring memorable customer experiences across different countries and cultures.
  3. Tips for businesses to address buyer's remorse and reaffirm customer decisions.
  4. Joey's personal experiences and insights from traveling to 54 countries worldwide.
  5. The importance of aligning customer service with brand philosophy and employee capabilities.

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