Corporate Exploitation and Gentrification

Express Yourself!

Sep 25 2022 • 54 mins

Why are the policies and ethics of business so important? What exactly goes into the products we are buying? Hannah Sahota, the 17-year-old founder of the charitable organization Hannah’s Project, passionate tutor and activist, and today’s host of Express Yourself! Teen Radio tackles the topic of corporate policy, promises, and their effects on our society. Unethical business practices have recently skyrocketed in the makeup, wig, and clothing industry, perpetuating child and slave labor worldwide. The lack of transparency makes it hard for ethical consumption in chain corporations, and this sentiment is similar for many recent climate claims. Hannah shows how many popular corporations may not be so “eco-friendly” or ethical as they appear. With recent data and studies, Hannah illustrates which companies are fulfilling their ambitious promises displayed to the public, and those who are just greenwashing: She also discusses gentrification, an ever-increasing economic issue contributing to classism and large corporations. Residents and small businesses are being forced out due to higher rent, coercion and bribery, and evictions in favor of their more affluent counterparts. We, as customers, deserve to know what we are buying, where it comes from, and how it affects us! It is our responsibility to fight against unethical business practices and claims as the consumer, so awareness is key! Advocate for more corporate transparency and public awareness, as it is becoming an ever-increasing necessity with recent events.