Identity Theft and Fraud

Express Yourself!

May 29 2022 • 54 mins

“Fraud is the daughter of greed” -John Grant Over 49 million people were victims of identity theft in 2020. This resulted in $13 billion in damages from “traditional” identity theft, i.e., people losing their info through data breaches and similar attacks. One of the strangest statistics is that the majority of the losses ($43 billion) stemmed from direct-interaction scams, such as phishing emails. Bad actors are getting bolder and are willing to target people directly. Hosts Ruhani and Hannah provide critical information on how to recognize scams and avoid them. A person becomes a victim of fraud every 14 seconds with those on social media targeted the most frequently. Find out how to protect yourself, freeze your financial records, and keep yourself safe. Tune in to Express Yourself! for this important broadcast that will safeguard your future. • Follow us: • • • Instagram: