October 23, 2022: Seven Signs: Healers, Haters, and Cowards - Pastor Cliff Purcell

The GVNAZ Podcast

Oct 23 2022 • 32 mins

Jesus called his first followers disciples.  We at GVNAZ believe three fundamental ways we can continue to spread hope and love include:

  • Passionately CONNECT with God and people.
  • Intentionally GROW in our faith.
  • Joyfully SERVE as a way of experiencing true life.

If you have questions, prayer requests, or would like to speak with a pastor, contact the GVNAZ office in any of the ways listed below:

Phone: (509) 882-1660 Email: office@gvnaz.org

Have a prayer request? Send an email to nazprayers@gvnaz.org (Please include your name and if you would like it to be kept confidential with staff only or on the prayer chain).