53. Pediatric Urology & Pelvic Pain with Dr. Michael Hsieh

The V Hive

Oct 17 2019 • 20 mins

In this episode of The Women's Pelvic Health Podcast I am joined by Dr. Michael Hsieh, a pediatric urologist based in Washington, DC., who specializes in bladder diseases affecting children and young adults. Dr. Hsieh runs a laboratory in Washington, DC., that focuses on bladder inflammation. He has been a Recognized Doctor on the Healthgrades Honor Roll and Best Doctors in America and has been featured several times in the New York Times for his work in robotic surgery and bladder inflammation. Dr. Hsieh shares valuable knowledge on the commonality of bladder conditions amongst children, the challenges that children with bladder conditions face, the causes of these bladder conditions amongst children and the connection between pediatric bladder dysfunction and adult bladder dysfunction. Thank you for listening and I wish all of you health, healing and happiness. ________ If you want to get in touch with me, please send an e-mail to info@thewomenspelvichealthpodcast.com. ________ Follow The Women's Pelvic Health Podcast: INSTAGRAM - www.instagram.com/thewomenspelvichealthpodcast/ FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/thewomenspel... TWITTER - www.facebook.com/thewomenspelvichealthpodcast/ ________ Contact Dr. Hsieh: email - mhsieh@childrensnational.org twitter - @perforin ________ DISCOUNT CODE Good Clean Love - HANNAH10 at checkout www.goodcleanlove.com