Putting purpose and values into consultancy with Marianne Moore, Justice Studio

Make An Impact Podcast

May 24 2021 • 25 mins

Marianne Moore launched Justice Studio in 2011 after becoming jaded with the values deficit in traditional management consulting. She  wanted to run a business  she'd like to work in: a consultancy where  people's purpose and interests are inflamed rather than dampened down.

Justice Studio has worked on projects addressing social, gender, child, criminal and climate justice, plus safeguarding, homelessness,  racism, domestic violence and  international aid. She  "The broader discriminations that people are facing, they all interlock," she says.

Its purpose as a social enterprise is to "create global social equality by assisting and challenging organisations, governments and ourselves to be the best we can be." Justice Studio's work has led to policy changes in international aid, as Marianne explains in this episode, which also covers the difference between earning income from intervention and prevention, how Justice Studio measures its impact and future plans.

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