Social Enterprise is Power with Tippa Naphtali

Make An Impact Podcast

Jul 27 2021 • 46 mins

Tippa Naphtali doesn't only use enterprise for business, but also to address political and social issues and make society better.

He's been a community activist for over four decades, working in Birmingham, London and internationally.  Entrepreneurial since the playground he's supported, developed and led a huge range of community development and social justice projects and organisations.

Tippa is well known for his campaigning work, calling for penal, police and mental health reforms to end deaths and abuse in custody, wrongful convictions and torture.  Tippa's cousin, Mikey Powell, died in police custody having been failed by multiple agencies. Tippa explains how he's worked with some of those agencies to influence and bring about real changes.

One of Heidi's oldest friends in the sector, Tippa gives a riveting interview. This episode includes shocking, distressing content which must never be ignored alongside inspiration, laughter, hope and real impact. Tippa's entrepreneurial activities power and support his work in mental health, with food banks, and in social justice.  Tippa's ability to get things done and influence change continues to inspire Heidi and many people and organisations.

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