Football for Fundraising with North Wales Dragons' Chris Roberts

Make An Impact Podcast

Jun 14 2021 • 22 mins

"This is a model that can be taken anywhere in the world." Chris Roberts is the co-founder of North Wales Dragons, a social enterprise and community football team which raises money  for charities all over the UK and beyond.

The idea was kicked off with a football match with a ten-nil defeat, but lots of money raised – and it snowballed from there, as Chris explains. He also describes:

  • how the sponsorship and fundraising model works,
  • ensuring the games are inclusive and collaborative,
  • the vital importance of collecting data and statistics from day one of running any enterprise or project,
  • what North Wales Dragons did during lockdown to support local hospitals, children's charities and foodbanks,
  • why he uses the term "Human Social Responsibility."

This interview also covers how Chris levered the connective power of social media during the lockdown to make connections with other people making an impact, all across the globe – and "spread the name of the Dragons worldwide."