A gripping psychological thriller starring Cole Sprouse as Sam Walker. In the first season we followed Sam as he painstakingly recounts the summer his sister disappeared; the friends he made, the legends he heard, the pain and confusion of loss. Over nine episodes, we uncovered the unspeakable secrets of Drisking, Missouri and the people who live there. After leaving the audience with a jaw dropping cliffhanger, we are finally returning to Sam and the terrible truths of Drisking. Across seven episode of Season 2, a ghost of Sam’s past arrives to drag him back to Drisking for revenge. Back to the forests that color his nightmares. Back to the mysteries he never solved. Back… to the gates of Borrasca. Please be advised this show contains adult language, violent acts and triggering situations. It is intended for adult audiences only. Produced by QCODE. Created and written by Rebecca Klingel. Directed by Kristin Burke. Starring Cole Sprouse and Sarah Yarkin. Borrasca is presented by Mint Mobile. Mint Mobile is the affordable, premium wireless service that you buy online. To get your new phone plan for just 15 bucks a month, go to QCODE+ subscribers on Apple Podcasts will get early access to new episodes before anyone else and exclusive bonus content. Learn more at read less

Our Editor's Take

Borrasca is a thrilling fiction podcast that spans two seasons. Fans of dramatic stories may like this program.

Borrasca takes place in Drisking, Missouri. Sam Walker is new to the area. He meets two other students, Kyle and Kimber, right away. It isn't long before the trio discovers that the city of Drisking has many secrets. From skinned men and remains to a tomb, the three face a lot together. Whitney, Sam's sister, goes missing, and the trio sets out on a haunting journey to find her. Will they be ready to face the truth at the Gates of Borrasca?

In the second season of Borrasca, Sam Walker finds himself back in the town of Drisking after being gone for several years. Unfortunately, it is not the kind of welcome home he wanted. Will Sam and Kimber finally be able to solve the mystery of what happened to Whitney? Can they survive another confrontation? Only one thing is certain. All roads lead to Borrasca.

The cast of this podcast will likely be familiar to movie and TV fans. Actor Cole Sprouse, known to many for his role on the TV show Riverdale, plays Sam Walker. Cole Sprouse has been acting since the 1990s when he appeared in the film Big Daddy with Adam Sandler.

Actress Sarah Yarkin plays the role of Sam's devoted friend Kimber. Yarkin appears in the most recent installment of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. Mace Coronel also appears as Parker Landy. Does she have information central to figuring out where Whitney is? Character actor Richard Burgi appears as the sinister Killian Clery. And Christian Issiah plays the part of Phil Saunders.

It is important to note that the Borrasca podcast contains adult language and depictions of violent crimes.

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