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A weekly sports discussion from Slate. Hang Up and Listen features Slate sports editor Josh Levin, writer Stefan Fatsis (author of A Few Seconds of Panic), Slate writer and Slow Burn host Joel Anderson, and a selection of interesting guests from around the sports world. read less

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Hang Up and Listen is a weekly podcast about the world of sports. The podcast hosts are Slate team members Joel Anderson, Josh Levin, and Stefan Fatsis. Slate is a daily online magazine with commentary on everything from politics to tech. Joel reported on politics for BuzzFeed News and ESPN and is now a regular writer at Slate. Josh is a published author and the national editor at Slate. Stefan is also a published author and a panelist for the podcast. Together they discuss the latest updates in sports, with new episodes every week.

The title Hang Up and Listen comes from an expression callers say on sports radio. Listeners may enjoy all the sports discussion and debate in this entertaining podcast. Controversies include an equal pay fight from the Canadian women's soccer team. Should Tiger Woods have returned to play tournament golf? Why might college athletes be boycotting Florida schools? And what's next for the likes of Kyrie Irving?

One episode focuses on Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. The real question for debate is how responsible Jerry is for the diversity issues within the NFL. The Hang Up and Listen podcast team questions what he has done in his influential role to make any improvement within the team. Another episode highlights women athletes. Many of them now receive fairer pay, Yet inequality now exists again in other areas of women's athletics.

Sports guests join each week to add their thoughts and critiques. Past guests include writers like Vinson Cunningham of The New Yorker. Athletes like Olympic gold medalist Crissy Perham also guest. Key players and title games receive thorough reviews across every sport, including college games and women's sports. For big sports fans, Hang Up and Listen provides all the news in one easy-listening weekly episode.

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A Transcendent Women's Tourney
Apr 8 2024
A Transcendent Women's Tourney
Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by the Athletic’s Chantel Jennings to talk about South Carolina’s victory over Iowa. They also ponder Caitlin Clark’s WNBA future, John Calipari’s reported move to Arkansas, and Tennessee’s decision to move beyond the Pat Summitt coaching tree. Finally, Sam Koppelman joins to discuss Hunterbrook Media’s new report on Phoenix Suns owner Mat Ishbia’s mortgage company and how Hunterbrook is trying to use journalism to make money in the stock market. South Carolina-Iowa (1:42): How the Gamecocks took down the Hawkeyes. Caitlin Clark and big coaching moves (14:45): How will the Iowa star perform in the pros? And what’s next for the Kentucky men’s and Tennessee women’s basketball programs? Ishbia (34:26): Breaking down a new story on the NBA and mortgage lending and assessing a new journalistic business model. Afterball (55:51): Josh on Sports Illustrated’s 1955 baseball preview, featuring Willie Mays, Leo Durocher, and Laraine Day. (Note: time codes are only accurate for Slate Plus members, who listen ad free.) Want more Hang Up and Listen? Subscribe to Slate Plus to immediately unlock weekly bonus episodes. Plus, you’ll access ad-free listening across all your favorite Slate podcasts. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts by clicking “Try Free” at the top of our show page, or visit to get access wherever you listen. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit