S3:E6 - Hybrid Work: There’s Nothing to be Afraid of with David Clunes Sr.

LYLTalks (Light Your Leadership Talks)

Feb 3 2022 • 40 mins

Lisa talks with David Clunes Sr., a business veteran with over 20 years of experience in successful new business ventures within a diverse set of industries, including healthcare, technology, construction, trucking, and real estate. He's been operating virtual companies since 2006, and most recently David founded Curucaye, a virtual company that allows his team to provide operations support to small and midsize businesses with the goal of simplifying the lives of business owners.  Curucaye offers services such as virtual assistants, accounting & bookkeeping, technology solutions, digital marketing, HR operations and payroll. Together, they explore the benefits of virtual business models and the factors needed for success in the workplace of the future, while addressing the skepticism about hybrid work that many harbour. Connect with Curucaye at curucaye.com or book a free consultation at calendly.com/curucaye.