Fatal 5 - The Story of Kristalle Dumesny

Auscast True Crime

Jan 9 2023 • 38 mins

Kristalle Dumesny was 18 years old when her car collided with a truck after the 2017 Easter long weekend. Kristalle received fatal injuries and sadly died at the scene.  She was driving home from her family’s holiday home when she failed to give way to a heavy vehicle at the intersection of the Augusta Highway and Copper Coast Highway, Port Augusta.  Her father Steve Dumesny saw the crash site on a media report and knew that it was his daughter’s vehicle.  He then phoned his good mate Superintendent Scott Denny who was the Office in Charge of the Local Service Area where the crash occurred asking him if his worst fear was true.

The truck drive, Troy Oakes was not injured in the crash but on his way home from the scene with his boss Jayne Mills, he was injured in a second crash when an insecure load fell off a truck and crashed through Jayne’s window causing her vehicle to roll.

Featured on the podcast are:

  • Steven Dumesny – father of Kristalle Dumesny
  • Superintendent Scott Denny – police officer and friend of Steven Dumesny
  • Brevet Sergeant Kirsten McLoughlin – Major Crash Investigation Section
  • Tori Butler – SAAS paramedic
  • Jayne Mills – Mills Transport and co-worker of Troy Oakes
  • Jade Cullen – witness to the crash
  • Isabelle Dick – friend of Kristalle Dumesny
  • Shania Bannister – friend of Kristalle Dumesny
  • Madison Stroud – friend of Kristalle Dumesny
  • Shayley Martindale – friend of Kristalle Dumesny
  • Sophie McLeod – friend of Kristalle Dumesny
  • Mirin Heggart – friend of Kristalle Dumesny
  • Phoebe Wallace-Mitrovic – friend of Kristalle Dumesny
  • Jade Carisimo – friend of Kristalle Dumesny

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