Patsy Kenney: Divorce, Caretaker of Dying Parent, and Closing a Business

Grieving Voices

Sep 15 2020 • 1 hr 10 mins

Patsy is my first guest interview on the podcast. She is also the first online, 1-on-1 participant to go through the newly developed online version of The Grief Recovery Method® program. The online, GRM program is a 7-week action-based proven method for helping grievers navigate and process a loss of any kind.

In this episode, Patsy shares her grieving voice around her divorce, being a caregiver to her dying father, and closing a business. And, how resiliency found her during those two years of deep grief.

Patsy also shares her voice about her search for alignment and discovery of the gifts grief brought into her life. Through her story, she shares what was helpful to her as she was knee-deep in the grief experiences and experiencing a lot of change and transition at one time.

We also scratch the surface of how we live is how we die and the resistance grievers, as well as those dying, have around death (or the very thought of it).

Be a fly on the wall of our very deep conversation and, if Patsy's story resonates with you or, you wish to follow her journey of creation, self-discovery, and alignment, you can find her at the following:
@andcelebrate on Instagram or her website at www.andcelebrate.com

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