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The Secret Life of Canada


The Secret Life of Canada is a podcast about the country you know and the stories you don't. Join hosts Leah-Simone Bowen and Falen Johnson as they reveal the beautiful, terrible and weird histories of this land. Season 6 is here! New episodes every second Thursday.

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Our Editor's Take

The Secret Life Of Canada podcast is a crash course in Canadian history. The hosts, Leah-Simone Bowen and Falen Johnson, divulge stories from around Canada. With tales spanning from the past to the present, every episode highlights a new anecdote. There are secret histories everywhere if one knows where to look. These curious Canadian hosts know what enlightening topics to explore.

Bowen and Johnson discuss these topics in a casual and informative style. Their clear manner and fact-heavy storytelling are appealing. They help elevate the educational tone of the podcast. They create a space where listeners can learn the true history of this diverse country. Guests join to provide more context and information. It's a knowledge-led podcast full of interview clips and thorough research.

The podcast examines a great variety of Canadian subjects. One episode tells tales of little-known Canadian regions. The popularity of specific Canadian foods and sports gets explored. The hosts also investigate the indigenous people of Canada and Expo 67. They have episodes on the early stories of Japantown, Newfoundland, and Kanesatake. The hosts describe the emotions and politics involved in territory changes and old cultures.

The Secret Life of Canada podcast includes “Shout Out" episodes. These follow significant figures with interesting lives. Private Buckam Singh, C.D. Hoy, and Eleanor Collins are just a few of these names featured on the show. Bowen and Johnson evaluate "The Indian Act" and detail the formation of the "Punjabi Market." They talk about why there is a division between the West and East over Puffed Wheat Squares.

The episodes end with reflective takeaways, which wrap up the discussion. They discuss how things came to be and what leads to certain governmental decisions. The hosts talk about the people involved in all these events and provide a glimpse into the past. With calming and beautiful outro music, this podcast offers entertaining historical discussions. It highlights Canada and its people. Each episode tells listeners more about how this grand territory in North America became today's Canada. New episodes of The Secret Life of Canada come out on a periodic basis.

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