Permission to Heal Episode #59 - Choosing My Person Wisely - A Special for Valentine's Week

Permission to Heal

Feb 16 2022 • 37 mins

Permission to Heal Podcast Episode 59 - Choosing My Person Wisely - (Chapter 38 of my book Permission to Land: Searching for Love, Home & Belonging).

It’s Valentine’s week and I wanted to create a special episode about finding love, allowing a little magic into your life, and being brave enough to be vulnerable. To do that I’m going to share with you all a chapter from my book Permission to Land: Searching for Love, Home & Belonging. The chapter I’m sharing is chapter 38 “Choosing My Person Wisely” and in it I share the fulfillment of my learning to set healthy boundaries for myself, to trust myself and my having really learned to be self-compassionate and brave enough to be vulnerable.

I begin this chapter with a quote from @BreneBrown, who has been the guiding force behind so much of my self-reflection and key learnings about who I am today, and the ways I showed up for myself throughout my life in the face of repeated emotional trauma.

The rest of this audiobook is available on Amazon, Audible, and Scribd.

I hope this special Valentine’s week Episode resonates with you and you too really pay attention to the signs all around you when you’re stuck at an emotional crossroads, and that the mystery, magic, and beauty of life reveals itself to you. I hope you’re brave enough to be vulnerable to follow it home and be grateful.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

Thank you for listening every week. I truly appreciate you being here and part of the Permission to Heal family.

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