Permission to Heal Episode #54 - A Conversation with Erika Schickel about Childhood Trauma & The Big Hurt

Permission to Heal

Nov 17 2021 • 1 hr 8 mins

"It's not enough to protect children from predators. It's that we need to acknowledge the inherent worth of girls, why they are worth protecting why they are as important and as full of potential. It's genuine regard for the humanity of children. Learning how to raise our boys so that they don't grow up to be predators a hundred percent. For every victim, there is a predator." – Ericka Schickel

Erika Schickel - is the author of the new memoir The Big Hurt(2021) and You’re Not the Boss of Me: Adventures of a Modern Mom (2007). She has taught memoir and essay writing at UCLA and privately. She works as an essayist and her work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, LA City Beat, Salon, Ravishly, Tin House, Bust Magazine, and The LA Review of Books, among others. She lives in Altadena, California. (She’s the mom to two children and a Cat mom. She has lots of pictures on IG.)

'The Big Hurtis a memoir that tells the story of her seduction by a teacher in her senior year of high school, and subsequent expulsion, and the reverberations of that event throughout her adult life. The book takes on themes of generational shame and explores the many ways women get labeled by society and forced to live with those identities.' – Ericka Schickel

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