Messages of Hope from Elea Kemler

First Parish Church of Groton, MA (Unitarian Universalist)

Each week we listen to a selected sermon (about 20 minutes) from Rev. Elea Kemler of First Parish Church of Groton, Unitarian Universalist. We start from sermons in the year 2008.

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48 Eternity Breaking In
May 3 2022
13 mins
48 Eternity Breaking In47 Room in the House of the Heart46 Our True Home is Under the Stars45 How the Heart Wants to be Alive44 The Responsibility of Memory, The Strength of Hope43 The Compass of the Heart42 Filling in the Silences41 Quiet Heart40 The Ground on Which We Walk Together39 There\'s Still Time Left38 Tell a New Story37 Is Anyone Thirsty?  Come and Drink.36 We Are Saying Thank You35 Lifted Out Into the Light34 Go Into the Place Called Barren; Stand in the Place Called Empty33 Dancing with Shadow and Light32 Waiting To See Us Once Beautiful and Brave31 The Passing of a Threshold is at Hand30 Welcome to the Mountain of Fire and Miracles29 Reflections on Service