Everything You Need to Know About Legally Protecting Your Online Business

Her Life By Design

Jun 17 2020 • 48 mins

Sam Vander Wielen is an attorney, and the founder of Sam Vander Wielen LLC, a company that sells DIY legal templates for coaches, bloggers, course creators and influencers. Some of her templates include privacy policies, terms and conditions, collaboration contracts, testimonial releases, and so many more. Sam‘s customers are the type of go-getter women who are ready to step into the CEO role of their business.

Sam joins Her Life By Design to dive into the legal side of running a business online and making an income. We discuss everything from what terms and conditions and privacy policies are and what you should have in them. The difference between a sole proprietorship versus an LLC versus an S-corp and how to know when you should become an LLC or an S Corp. We also talk about filing taxes, copyright infringement and protecting yourself as a freelancer.

[4:05] Who is Sam Vander Wielen

[8:52] How did you reach your first customers?

[12:05] How did you provide enough value to sell you product?

[14:53] Terms & conditions, privacy policies and the difference between what goes into them

[19:08] What is copyright and where to use it

[24:33] The three steps of GDP: General Data Protection Regulation

[29:53] All about LLCs

[35:53] Difference between LLC and S-Corp

[38:47] When to file quarterly taxes

[41:04] The legalities around hiring and outsourcing

[44:54] What contract templates are available

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