69: Automate Your Web Properties with Tigran Nazaryan

Management Blueprint

Dec 7 2021 • 36 mins

Tigran Nazaryan is the Co-founder and CEO of 10Web.io, an automated WordPress platform powered by Google Cloud that helps relieve the burden of manual website building operations. We talk about website automation, disruption-led growth, and the difference between shared and cloud website hosting.


[00:36] Tigran's entrepreneurial journey

[01:52] Why Tigran and his partners founded 10Web.io

[03:00] Tigran's experience with management blueprints

[05:44] Business processes and why they are so important

[09:58] How Tigran and his team came up with the Four Ps in their management blueprint

[12:02] What is a WordPress plugin

[17:06] Convert any website to WordPress

[17:58] How and why you need to start automating your WordPress site

[20:40] Comparing the differences in services offered by AWS and 10Web.io

[23:43] WordPress pros and cons: When you should use it (and when you should not)

[25:46] WordPress for eCommerce

[26:53] Disruption-led growth and why it's so important

[29:30] The key differences between shared and cloud hosting

[31:16] The fast growth approach for SaaS companies

[35:15] Parting thoughts

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