The Digital Diplomat Podcast - Impact Locally, Build Globally

W.E. Da'Cruz

Welcome to The Digital Diplomat Podcast where you learn how to impact locally and build globally. If you’re on a mission to solve local and global problems affecting your life and the lives of your loved ones. If you’re tired of dealing with the same issues plastered across news channels on your television screen and are ready to take action. If you know your life is bigger than the box you or someone else has put you in, then this podcast is for you. Across all industries, digitalization is offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation as well as challenges. From the workplace to government, business as usual is rapidly evolving and so should the policies, programs, and processes that affect each and every one of us. Join W.E. Da’Cruz, an Award-Winning Tech and Food Entrepreneur and highly sought International Consultant on Digitalization and Digital Trade, while she interviews global leaders, organizers, business owners and so much more on topics including technology, digital divide, international trade, job creation, capacity building, eradicating poverty and more. As a Ghanaian-American mother of three, wife, business partner and more, you’ll hear her personal stories and honest experiences woven into conversations with her guests to learn how you can become an active participant in solving local and global problems impacting economic development right where you are.

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