Sex Up Your Brand with Tom Finn and Sharon Zehavi

Talent Empowerment with Tom Finn

Sep 14 2023 • 41 mins

How can people’s perception of you inspire your business? Sharon Zehavi is the CEO of Sex Up Your Brand, which helps brands grow and increase market share by controlling brand perception and using methods of strategic consumer seduction. In this episode, we chat about the meaning behind her brand, self-empowerment, and why asking yourself what makes you happy and taking action is so important.

🎙️Talking Points:

(5:00) How to stay true to your authentic self

(9:03) Empowering yourself

(17:45) Dealing with failure and change

(28:25) Co-founding 360 Start-Up Partners

🌟About Sharon Zehavi:

Sharon Zehavi is an award-winning speaker and international branding & marketing strategist. She is the creator of “Sex Up Your Brand”, supporting small business owners to gain exposure and grow their outreach using organic strategies, and the co-founder of “360 Start-Up Partners”, helping early-stage start-ups with their investor and user acquisition.

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