Authenticity in Marketing & the Taylor Swift Effect | Brooke Janousek, Fractional CMO, The Grow CMO

Talent Empowerment with Tom Finn

Feb 8 2024 • 39 mins

Brooke Janousek, a skilled brand builder and fractional CMO at The Grow CMO, shares her insights on successful marketing strategies and why she thinks Taylor Swift is a marketing genius. She highlights brands that are nailing marketing, such as Dude Wipes and Everyday Dose Mushroom Coffee, and emphasizes the importance of staying true to your product and focusing on what you do well. Brooke also discusses the power of customer insights and the role of authenticity in marketing.

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00:40 - Brands that are Nailing Marketing

03:10 - Staying True to Your Product

08:24 - The Power of Customer Insights

10:20 - Taylor Swift's Authentic Brand

12:42 - Prioritizing Joy in Life

14:00 - The Role of Data and Surveys in Marketing

20:47 - Overcoming the Stigma of Being Alone

23:23 - Effective Tools and Tactics in Marketing

30:04 - The Importance of Clear Messaging

32:10 - Starting a Marketing Engagement

35:03 -Finding Joy and Focusing on Growth


Known for her charisma, generosity of spirit, and infectious energy, Brooke Janousek is the kind of leader others feel inspired by. She brings this spirit to every client she works with through The Grow CMO, a fractional leadership solution for effective marketing growth that she founded in 2022 after two decades as an expert in the marketing industry.




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