The Role of I/O Psychology in HR with Marla Albertie, Founder of I/O for Teens

Talent Empowerment with Tom Finn

Dec 8 2022 • 43 mins

Episode Description

Marla Albertie is passionate about the role of I/O Psychology in HR. She joins us today to discuss her career journey and what led her to be passionate about teaching the next generation in the field of I/O Psychology in the business world.

Talking Points:

{01:23} Time Management

{04:06} Going back to school for a Doctorate

{07:45} Leadership skills needed in HR

{11:57} Teenagers’ knowledge of the Business World

{22:09} How Marla found herself in the HR world

{28:30} The people who helped Marla along the way

{35:05} Putting negative self-talk on the shelf

Marla Albertie Bio:

Marla Albertie serves as an HR Director for a Healthcare organization, she is a PhD candidate ---She is the Owner and founder of The Truth Speaks Group LLC, a multi-media coaching company that helps woman integrate their lives and delivers resources for working women to create work-life harmony (WLH). She is the Founder of I/O for Teens Inc., a new nonprofit aimed to help teenagers understand and apply the principles of I/O Psychology so they can learn life skills and achieve their dreams

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